Samsung Smart Hub icon for Xfinity box missing

Jan 1, 2019
During my initial Samsung Smart TV setup, Xfinity was one of the cable box options to choose, and it created an icon on the Smart Hub. The icon allowed me to switch from apps like Netflix back to Cable easily.

After it had been okay for a while, the Amazon app stopped working. I had to try a lot of things before I got it to work again, including restoring factory settings and updating firmware.

The firmware update seems to have taken away the Xfinity option for cable box connection. It only has DirecTV, Dish, and generic box options. I choose the generic box.

Everything works well enough, but without the icon, I have to go to inputs and manually switch back to the HDMI input for the cable box to get back from Netflix or Amazon.

If it had always worked this way, I guess I'd be fine with it, but it was much more convenient to be able to click on the icon.

Also, the update seems to have put a "sponsored" icon for DirectNOW with the Smart Hub icons. It can't be removed. That part is really annoying. Now I can't use my TV without having to look at an ad for DirectNOW.

Anyone know how to get the Xfinity cable input icon back on Smart Hub, or how to get rid of that annyong DirectNOW icon?
Jan 1, 2019
True, it's the same number of clicks. It was more intuitive to have the Xfinity option listed on the Smart Hub. Anyone who can get to Netflix could easily see how to get back to cable.

You did inspire me to look at it, though, and I saw that there is an option to add HDMI1 as an icon on the Smart Hub. It also lets me rename the icon as Xfinity, so problem solved. Thanks for the help.

Now if I could just get rid of the DirectNOW advertising icon :pfff:
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