Samsung stuck if wifi on


Apr 26, 2017
Hi there, I have this weird problem:
It started with a problem like long waiting time before enabling the wifi, sometimes was a black screen for few minutes, then it started to work. Sometimes was faster and had no problems.
Now is even worse, if the wifi is on the phone is rebooting every few minutes and I have problems like... the fingerprint is like not enabled, the keyboard is not enabled, and things like that. I think is rebooting cuz is getting too hot...
I didn't find anything similar online, so please if you know the solution or some links at it tell me, thanks.
Have you checked the phone for Viruses and Malware? It sounds a lot like something is interfering with your connection.

Also, I would suggest you turn off/close any apps you are not actually using when using the WiFi. They are usually not closed by people, leaving them running in the background and using up resources.

Then I would suggest you clear out your phone of junk. The cache and history for the browser and other apps. Just make sure you back up any info you need like passwords and IDs, before doing it.


Apr 26, 2017

Yes can be a malware or virus, I've checked but nothing happened...I've uninstalled all the apps and clean the cache...nothing, I'll go to the Samsung center...hopefully they will not make a factory reset...But I'm sure they will...
Btw thanks! :)
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