Question Samsung TV Audio Synch

Sep 19, 2020
I have a Samsung PN51E450A 1FXZA TD02 tv. A few years back the HDMI ports went bad, so I've been using the RCA inputs. When I switched from Direct TV to ROKU, I had to purchase a gender bender to convert HDMI to RCA. So the output from the ROKU goes into the gender bender first, then out to the TV. Then I have a Digital Coax output going to a Bluetooth transmitter, sending the audio to a soundbar across the room. This has worked out fine until about 2-3 weeks ago when the audio became off-synch with video. The sound is not ahead of the video but lagging, so adjusting the audio delay only makes it worse. Watching sports is fine, but anything else and the lip-synch will drive you nuts.

I removed the Bluetooth setup. Ran the RCA cables for audio from the gender bender direct to the soundbar, did not help. Removed the soundbar completely and ran internal speaker only, and still, the problem exists.

Is it a mainboard problem?
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