Samsung TV / Sony receiver configuration


Aug 29, 2015
I have a Samsung 65UNJ630D (the J6300 from Costco) and a Sony STR DN1060. The devices (TV, receiver, and cable box) are connected via HDMI cables. The receiver is in the basement. I got HDMI CEC (Anynet+) and ARC working, which means I can (awkwardly) control the receiver through the TV using the TV remote.

I use the system in two modes: to watch cable (cable box connected only to receiver) and use Samsung Smart Hub to watch VUDU and Netflix. In both modes I want the receiver to supply the sound, and I can get that to work ... only getting the TV and the receiver talking each time they are turned on doesn't seem repeatable.

My biggest problem is that when I turn on the TV the receiver doesn't always turn on. Even when the receiver does turn on, sound doesn't always come from it. And sometimes when it comes from it, I cannot use HDMI CEC to adjust the volume. To get the two devices working together and have the TV and TV remote control the Sony receiver, sometimes I can go to the TV's menu and change sound from Receiver to TV (disconnecting Anynet+) and back to Receiver again (connecting Anynet+), sometimes I can just change the TV's input (from TV to HDMI2), and sometimes I have to go to system/Anynet+ and rediscover the receiver via Device Search.

Three questions:

1. How should the TV and receiver be configured? And what will the result be (optionally, selecting the TV's source should connect the TV and receiver and adjust the receiver as necessary; otherwise it seems selecting both the TV's source and the receiver via either the Watch or Custom Preset menu)

2. What sounds settings should I use on the TV when using ARC? It seems like the Audio Format is key (PCM or Bitsteam)? The other parameters?

3. If I had bought a Samsung Home Theatre receiver, would I have most of the same issues or would the devices work together more easily?

1 & 3. CEC between different brands is very iffy and often doesn't work at all. I would suggest adding an IR extender like one of these
and turn the CEC off in the receiver and TV.
Another option would be to use a universal RF remote and place the RF receiver with the receiver. These options would give you complete control of all your components.
2. The output would depend on which is compatible with the Sony. Whichever gives you surround sound would be the right one to use. My guess is Bitstream is best for you. Set the receiver surround mode to Dolby for cable. This way when the channel is not digital surround the receiver will default to Dolby ProLogic2 which will give you analog surround sound rather than stereo sound (which is usually the case when you leave the receiver on auto).


Jan 1, 2016
I'm having same problem with Vizio 4051 5.1 using ARC. If I pause Netflix or my DVR I lose sound all together. I have to go back to TV sound setting and rediscover Anynet. Sometimes it says no device found. It's very annoying having to do this most of the time. I used to have Soundbar volume control setup different than TV. I use a Harmony remote, but when I try to control receiver volume while watching Netflix through hub I have to switch back and forth to each device. It's very frustrating. Still would like to know the audio format and output settings as well. Cannot get a definite answer from anyone.


Apr 3, 2016
I have a similar setup as you and I have almost exactly the same problem

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