Samsung TV will not come out of standby


Sep 7, 2016
Here we go... I have a Samsung UN55C7000WFXZA. I had lightning strike by the house, and it fried my Xbox One, PS4, router, hard drive, computer and TV. Everything has been repaired besides the TV... Now let me walk you through the steps and symptoms that I have gone through.

TV= no response no matter what outlet it was hooked up to. No standby light, nothing. Google says Power supply board. Easy enough... I order a new one and replace it.

Now I get the standby light. Still no response to remote and the tough-enabled power button does not light up. Google says it's 100% the main board. Easy enough... I replace that as well. No change in symptoms. Still no response.

I then check voltages. Im getting 12 volts at the power supply board from the wall. I have the correct standby voltage on the power supply board and the correct standby voltage on the main board.

So then I'm thinking that it if the little IR board, and it isnt getting a signal to turn on. I check YouTube and google to see how to check it. One of the pins is supposed to drop in voltage when the remote is used. It does....

I literally have no idea what to do from here. Is there a way that anyone knows that I can force it out of standby, without using the remote or the physical button? Any other ideas?!