Samsung UHD TV Won't turn on.....


Apr 19, 2016
Hi all,
So I bought a new Samsung UHD TV (UN60HU8550FXZA) about 14 months ago. I have noticed over the past few months that it would restart by itself when I was watching it. Today I go to turn it on, I press the power button and it would not turn on. I unplugged it for an hour and plugged it back in. The red standby light was on. When I pressed the power button the red l;ight turned off, I heard a subtle click and then nothing. Left it for 20 minutes and still nothing. I could hear the cooling fan on but that was it. The screen was black, not even a flicker.
I researched it and as lot of people said they had problems with the capacitors. I took the TV backing off and all the capacitors appear to be fine, none of them are bubbled.
Any ideas of what it might be? and maybe videos on how to test it?
Any help would be helpful.
Thank You

So after checking everything, everything appeared to be working properly. Having all the inputs disconnected I powered the TV on again and it turned on without an issue. I starting connecting all the components one by one via HDMI. Everything still worked until I connected an IQ4 box. It is a TV over the internet receiver. Once I connected this to the TV the TV first didn't power on. Second attempt the TV powered on but didn't turn on the backlights. Each time remote commands were not working and I had to unplug the TV from the outlet to power it off.
So it appears that the IQ4 box is sending some kind of signal that shorts out the TV. Has anyone ever heard of a problem like this?

Furthermore, I noticed when watching TV through a Comcast receiver the sound cuts out every minute or so (Also connected through HDMI). Now I'm thinking that the Samsung TV has a problem with receiving signals from other components.

Any input would help.