Question Samsung UN50EH5000V unresponsive despite motherboard replacement

Aug 9, 2019
Hi all,

I have a 50" Samsung LED Smart TV that recently stopped working. I'll list the symptoms and what I've done so far.
  • When the TV is plugged in, it immediately powers on, normally it wouldn't turn on when plugged in.
  • The screen is black but the backlights are on.
  • The TV does not respond to any commands from the remote or the physical power buttons. The only way to turn it off or on is to unplug.
  • After about 15 seconds of being on, the backlights start to flicker.
I've tried:
  • Examined all the motherboards for damage, all look good.
  • Unplugged the main board and LED board from the power board; the unresponsiveness persisted but the backlight flickering stopped so I thought it was a problem with the power board.
  • Replaced with a new power board and issue did not change.
I'm not sure how to troubleshoot from here, I can't seem to isolate the problem. Anyone have experience with this before or know where to point me?
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