Question Samsung UN60J620DAF New TCON, LVDS, & Power Board - Still Problem

Jun 25, 2020
I have a Samsung UN60J620DAF that was flashing the picture on and off on it's own, but sound remained. I ordered and installed a new Power board, LVDS cable, and TCON board that all match the serial & part numbers from the original parts. In installed all the new parts over the last two months one at a time while trouble shooting.

Picture is back, but now the picture is blinking rapidly, slightly lighter and darker.

Turned off ECO mode, reset TV, turned off, turned back on, updated software, checked TV source, HDMI source, and still rapidly blinking from lighter to darker picture. I ran picture tests but it's blinking during the tests. Someone suggested it may be faulty backlight strips, but I haven't looked at those yet. I also tried the original LVDS with the new TCON but the results were the same. I've also tried different power outlets with power strip.

I have also opened the TV up to the LED strip level and see that all the LED bulbs turn on normally. I do not clearly see any burned bulbs to be able to identify a problem.

I’m considering ordering a new set of LED strips but I am not sure that this will be my final fix.

Any help is appreciated!