Question Samsung UN65NU6900 tv issue/hdmi?

Dec 21, 2020
i guess I cant post a pic? checkout my links i provided. Should work

Anyways it seems samsung is avoiding telling me, as is the 3rd party extended warranty. Trying to say its my ps5 causing it, when it's happened more on ps4 and youtube, etc. Has happened for awhile. May 2019?

basically in 16:9 standard, fit screen on, i sometimes get a line on the edges of screen (very side or very bottom) that seems to "chase itself". issue doesn't appear on the 5second picture test.... but it has appeared on just the tv apps themselves meaning no hdmi external.

ive changed hdmi cables, used screen test, had samsung check it twice, had 3rd party check it. All with "its normal". Bull crap.

anyone able to help its greatly appreciated. I am saving for a new tv in 2021 but am hesitant on LG CX as well. basically i use tv for ps4/5
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