News Samsung's 130-inch 4K projector looks like the ultimate OLED TV replacement


Sep 12, 2012
Why have Samsung and Sony suddenly developed delusions about their projectors being Oled replacements? Or that they invented something new? UST projectors have been around for over a decade...

No current projector tech is capable of anything close to Oled performance. The very best projectors are capable of producing a nice image in a pitch black room only. Nothing has changed in this respect.

All current projector tech including LCOS, DLP and LCD has poor contrast. They require wire-grid polarizers and a dynamic iris to generate a convincing black.

Oleds light pixels individually over a jet black background. They're capable of massively superior contrast and black to any projector even with the lights on.

Projectors have a place and that is for 120"+ screens but they'll never be Oled replacements unless a whole new tech is invented.