Sandbridge or ivy processors

blue fire

Mar 4, 2012
hi im palning to buy a laptop with i5processor so is it better i wait for the ivy processors or should i go with the sadbridge processors....and will ther be any chance of decrease in the price of sandbrige processors after the arival of ivy processors...and please suggest me wheather i shud buy a asus or dell or a gaming person and my budget is 800$

blue fire

Mar 4, 2012

thanks and can u suggest me some specific models...?


Jun 8, 2011
if you wanna game on $800 then you should definitely wait until ivy bridge is released in june simply because of its superior gpu and lower power consumption (you won't get i5 with good discrete gpu for that money today, and even if you would, the power consumption would be day and night compared to ivy)

the 525m in the laptop xtreme5 linked is pretty terrible

according to tom's gpu hierarchy chart it matches my old 7900gt that i have in my old pc and let's just say it's struggling to provide playable fps in newer games at 1280x1024 (which is slightly higher pixel count than that laptop's resolution provides at 1366x768) w/ any settings above absolute minimum

now i'm not sure where will ivy bridge gpu (hd4000) fall into in that chart but i do know that it's ~65% faster than hd3000 from sandy bridge which will provide similar performance of 525m at no extra battery life cost

you can find hd3000 gpu benchmark here:

edit: you might wanna look into amd trinity apu laptops if gaming is important to you since it packs alot beefier gpu compared to i5 at lower price; it should be available around the same time as ivy bridge


Mar 3, 2012
Before you get reading, know this: two of these computers have i7 processors, so, even though they're in your price range, if you only want to get an i5, go all the way to the second to last paragraph.

Back in the summer, I was in just the same boat as you. My price range was $600-1000. I bought my computer with $935 and I'm very happy with it, maybe you would like it. It is:

Samsung RF511-S02
15.6" 1366x768
Although some reviews of the computer complain about this being low but, although I can't remember the last time I saw 1920x1000, I find the 1366x768 looks fine...
i7-2630QM @ 2.00 GHz + Turbo Boost (Max Freq. at 2.90 GHz)
Nvidia 540M with 1GB Dedicated Memory
4 GB Memory
Note: Samsung is not like Apple, they give you one stick of 4GB Memory, not like Apple with two 2GB sticks, so it is EASY to upgrade to 8GB
Note: I believe that the "S02" means you get 4GB RAM, "S03" means 6GB, and "S04" means 8GB.
500 GB Hard Drive @ 5400 RPM
Two USB 3.0 ports! A great way to stay with the times!
Note: It also has two USB 2.0 ports.
~5.6 lbs1
EDIT: The sound is also godly. I still can't quite comprehend how my laptop sounds so good and is just so loud...
EDIT: Oh and another thing I would like to point out is that the RF511 can play Skyrim on ultra and still maintain around 20 FPS... The fact that anyone could buy a computer for $700 or less, as I talk about a little below, and play Skyrim on ultra is crazy! To maintain a steady FPS above 24, I keep a sort of hybrid in between ultra and high.
One Downside is that it has only around a 2 hour battery life: 45 minutes when playing Skyrim and 3.5 hours when Word processing with brightness all the way down

However, it's not sold anymore, which is (I think) due to the fact that Samsung is rolling out lots of new laptops like the Series 7 or whatever they're called. But some used and refurbished ones are sold on Amazon, and I'm sure they're sold on Ebay. The used one I saw on Amazon was $735 and the lowest priced refurbished one was 574.91.

When I was looking for laptops back in the summer, Samsung laptops really seemed to fit my needs. Here are some other Samsung laptops I was thinking about purchasing:

Samsung RC512-S0(1,2,3)
Note: I'm rather confused as to what the S01, S02, and S03 mean here. I don't think it's RAM... The Samsung site doesn't even say what the laptop's processor is (it's an i7)...
Here is a site that gives info about the laptop:,2817,2383822,00.asp?tab=Specs
This laptop has around a 5 hour battery life, as the internet says at least.
The RC512 is very MacBook Pro-like because it has an aluminium chassis.

Alright, finally to a laptop with an i5, like you asked for!
This laptop is like the little brother of the RC512: it has just about the same stats, except it has an i5 and a 14" screen. I'm not sure about any other differences.
The laptop is $600 on TigerDirect and $800 dollars on Amazon, per Cnet.
The worst Cnet could say about this laptop was this:
"This laptop has a finicky clickpad and a heavy, rather wide build."
Way to just try to find something bad Cnet, so that it doesn't seem like you like the computer too much, LOL!

Speaking of clickpads... the mouse I'm using at the moment I would also highly recommend. It is a Logitech Anywhere MX, which can work on glass, has five buttons which can be set to do things like open programs, click keys (useful in Battlefield 3), and other macros (two buttons are right by the thumb, and one behind the click wheel. The other two aren't really buttons: you can sort of "click" the mouse wheel to the right or left, which will do whatever you have set it to do.)...
I highly recommend that mouse.

Alright, I hope this helps a lot! :D

EDIT: Now, I'm not looking to compete, troll, or anything like that, but I'd just like to point out that my Samsung RF511 not only costs less (by $100-200 depending on where you get it from) but also outperforms xtreme5's XPS15 by far! The only thing the XPS 15 has up on the RF511 is memory which can be upgraded to 8GB (therefore surpassing the XPS by 2GB) for around $25... :D


A quick look at newegg comes up with a lot of laptops with 630m, 6650m, 540m (all similar performance but the 540m is just a tiny bit better) starting at $700 with the i5, so I don't understand why the 525m was even mentioned. But then there's this lenovo y570 with an i7 and 555m at $800.

If you can wait, I would suggest going for ib, better cpu performance, and lower power consumption. Even though the integrated hd 4000 should be around the 550m performance while costing less since it is integrated, the new mobile gpus will be out too so should be a bit better while still sticking to the same price.
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