Score! Amazon just slashed $450 off 65-inch Hisense Mini-LED TV for March Madness


Apr 26, 2017
The one problem with most all these reviews is they almost always don't factor in reliability and customer support. It's easy to get caught up in test scores and what testers claim is "the best." But the "best TV on the market" is only the best when it's working. LOL. Chinese Brand TCL doesn't have a great reliability track record and if you look at discussions in forums of Hisense owners the sentiment is mixed. But that's keeping in mind a disgruntled customer is more likely to participate in a community for troubleshooting purposes than a happy customer.

Yes, on paper this is easily the best bang for the buck and extremely attractive to the A/V Enthusiast on a tight budget. Personally, I'd steer away from Chinese brands and go with LG for a little bit more, or even a Sony Bravia if you want the Google TV interface which may not have "the best" scores but they have a brand reputation to maintain so the customer support is there. Sony has in the past been like Mercedes though, a very high brand recognition but they've gone through periods of quality control issues. Their more recent stuff seems to be doing well though.

90% of TV viewers out there wouldn't tell any difference between the same model level in several different quality brand TV's side by side. Some of the score differences are so small it's really splitting hairs.
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