Scouting for new laptop


Dec 6, 2014
Hello. I'm not sure if I put this in the right category. If not, I'm sorry.

I currently have a Samsung laptop with 4g ram and an a-8 4500m APU with Radeon (tm) HD Graphics 1.90 GHz. Quad core. Windows 8.1. 64 bit operating system, x64 based processor.

It's not a touch screen, it is LCD. Which I don't care either way. I actually prefer the LCD. But I don't see many computers now that have it.

I am encountering a issue with the battery and decided instead of fixing it I would rather gift this laptop to my friend who just lost his laptop and buy myself a new one.

I am wanting to run my internet based business from it. Basically like ebay and etsy. Editing HD pictures for listings as well as printing out shipping labels etc. Also I need the numpad on the right side of the keyboard. Skype my relatives in other states. I also will use the laptop to create HD videos from footage I shoot for family events like funerals and what not.. Recording music I create and manipulating the track with editing software. I also will need an HDMI port to throw what I have on the laptop onto the TV. I'd prefer something with buttons on the touchpad as well. Other than that just browsing the net.

I will not be gaming on the system. Pretty much what I said is the only thing the laptop will be used for.

I am currently looking at this one.

I am in the 0-500.00 budget range at the moment. If I could get something that would be better than what I currently use for the tasks I do daily then I would make the purchase. As time passes my budget will grow to 600.00.

Is the laptop I listed going to be an upgrade at all over what I currently use?

I'm open to suggestions and criticism. Thank you in advance.


This would be a far better choice. Way faster i7 CPU (2Ghz base and 3.1Ghz turbo frequency) and although it has 2GB less RAM than the i3 (1.9Ghz base clock and no turbo) model you listed, it also has much more CPU cache (4MB cache versus 3MB on the i3) and the additional 2GB of system memory probably don't offer significant benefits in most applications compared to the differences in the CPU.

And if at some point you add an SSD drive to replace the HDD that both models come with, you can significantly increase it's performance for about a hundred bucks. Both have identical graphics adapters, so no performance gain can be expected one way or the other between models in that regard.

And honestly, the i3 really isn't much of an improvement over the A series APU unit you currently have so it's probably not worth the extra money aside from the fact that it has 4GB more memory than your current rig. The i7 however is worlds apart in performance from the A8.
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