sd card unreadable

tay tay

Nov 11, 2013
my sd card was working just fine on september 30 but later on in the day my sd card would not mount to my phone nor it would not scan it what am I to do it has all my kids, photos memories that cant be replaced


Sep 7, 2007
if you have a sd card reader plug it into a windows based computer and see if it will auto repair it.

If not open a command prompt with admistrator privalages and run a chkdsk on that particular drive with commands /x /r /f.

So if your on a windows machine vista, 7, or 8 in the search box type cmd
Right click on it and click Run As Admistrator.

Then with the card reader and sd card inserted into your machine find out what drive letter has been assigned to the card reader by looking in "my computer".

Now back in command prompt if the drive letter for the card reader/sd card (EXAMPLE )says J:
the command you would type into command prompt would look like this.
chkdsk J: /x /r /f

Hit enter after the command and Let that run and that will most likely fix the card if it can be fixed.


Jun 23, 2015
If there is any reset key in back side of your smartphone above battery near SIM card slot. Pressing the reset key can also solve the problem without getting into Command Prompt or any professional application software available online.

I own Sony Xperia C with San Disk Class 10' 16 GB Ultra Micro SD card with built-in security system but still it showed this message twice. First time on 22.05.2015, I inserted my SD card into Window phone/ Java phone which can easily read the same card without format and copy all data but that time I need to install the previous applications again. But second time today on 23.06.2015, I tried the reset key which worked and no need of going to CMD command raised.