Solved! Seeing Different Laptop Background Display

Jun 4, 2020
I have two laptops, an older Lenovo and a newer Dell Inspiron. Dell has two Users Accounts: an Admin and a Secondary user. I was having issues connecting my iPhone to Dell's Admin account so via Bluetooth so, per instructions, I disabled and re-enabled Bluetooth on the iPhone to no avail. I still couldn't see my Dell laptop amongst the Bluetooth devices on the iPhone, so I disabled and re-enabled the Bluetooth on Dell, also to no avail. I then power-cycled both devices; strangely, when Dell came back up, it had the background display similar to my Lenovo laptop, even though it still had all the Dell icons. It also has the Lenovo emblem. In addition, I lost my cursor!

Via the function keys I was able to navigate to the Settings and play around with cursor options albeit unsuccessfully. I have lost my cursor and any cursor functionality.

I have since attempted to tun off the Bluetooth on both devices and have also rendered both laptops in the Airplane Mode, but I am still not able to bring back the original background display and the cursor functionality on the Admin Account of my Dell laptop; however I have full use of the cursor on the Secondary Account. At this point, I am at a loss on how to restore cursor on the main account. If anyone else has encountered this issue and been able to to resolve it, I would greatly appreciate any steps to help restore mine. Thanks in advance.


Apr 24, 2011
Hi - I am not sure how you lost your cursor...but the first problem is that you probably used the same Microsoft login which allows you to have the same "settings" on more than one computer.

Go to "accounts" in settings and you can use a local account instead / and/or read up on how MS handles multiple computers...there are some links there.

Your cursor problem could be related, so fix the account stuff first and see if that helps.

Jun 4, 2020
A quick correction: on my post, I wrote that I have lost the cursor but it should actually be the mouse pointer. I noticed that when I brought up a notepad doc, I could navigate within it using the cursor but I couldn’t drag the pointer to file/exit or just x exist because there was no pointer. Thank you.
Jun 4, 2020
Thanks Rhyalus, I appreciate your response. It's likely that I had only one issue: missing pointer. It's likely that the background was the same on both laptops but I never paid attention to it until the missing pointer issue popped up. I had the same account Microsoft account assigned to both, instead of different or a local on one. I had to reset Windows 10 on Dell, with the help of an external mouse, and was able to restore the mouse function successfully. I was thereafter able to change the background on Dell and everything now works great! It would have been great to try your suggestion to see if it was due to account setting but I am just relieved to get things working again, and now playing catch up due to time lost; however, both laptops had the same account for more than a year. Thank you kindly for your suggestion.
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