Seeking Laptop i7-6820hk


Jun 15, 2016
I want to have a laptop with the i7-6820hk processor (I do not really care for the gpu) and would like a long battery. I am planning on using a new laptop for anything at home (will probably include gaming, but idc for 4k 60hz at ultra high I cant tell a difference quality) and college (a gpu switch would save battery life. Msi and alienware both have it, but I dislike alienware). I want to get the msi gt72s dominator-019 (battery life is 5hr high brightness constantly surfing web with integrated gpu), but microsoft is out of stock (hopefully will restock soon?). My decision is not final (yes I would consider alienware) and the budget is $1500. I can add the ssd (128gb is plenty), hdd (1tb), ram (8 minimum). The budget needs to include the ssd, hdd, ram (even if I buy separately). So a $1500 barebone is too high because I need to buy the rest. The i7-6820hk is not required, but I would like it. I do need it to be a quad core and last 5+ hours.

Oh and I hate macs, I would rather run dos.