Question Seeking recommendations for shooting video...

Feb 12, 2019
Hi all,

I’m just getting into filming some art projects and hoping for some recommendations….

I’m primarily doing art and guitar videos at home, so I was looking for something with a quality picture that could record directly to my computer (and external hard drive) so I didn’t have to deal with storage & transferring to record hours of footage at a time. Since I didn’t need it to be portable, I tried the Logitech c920 webcam based off all the positive reviews… while the picture was great, I was unable to shoot videos at higher resolutions without lagging, which after further research and troubleshooting seems to come down to my PC falling below the min. requirements for HD video, which I found listed for the c920 as: i7 2.6ghz 8gb ram w/radeon or geforce graphics card. I also don’t plan on doing much editing to the videos, so I don’t necessarily want to buy a new computer at this exact moment just to be able to run a $50 webcam when it is meeting my other needs otherwise… someone I asked about this said " There was nothing wrong with your PC. It's just that a webcam at more than a megapixel is pushing the limits of USB 2.0. ".. however many youtubers using it as a camcorder recommend it, so I'm not sure what to think about that..

Anywho... Any recommendations for an alternate camera for what I’m looking to accomplish?


Capable of HD recording

Can potentially record directly into computer to store footage

Able to view monitor when shooting “selfie style” to ensure I’m keeping in frame

Thanks for reading and for any suggestions!
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