Question Seiki TV power cycles logo, but does eventually turn on?


Aug 26, 2015
As I said in the title, this TV once plugged-in will: turn on, display the logo, black screen, and repeat. A couple hours or so later it'll turn on and function normally.

To me it seems like a power issue, with a certain voltage level not being reached during the startup sequence.

But looking at the main board labelled: TP.SIS231.PT751, I don't see any burnt components or bulging caps.
Was considering going across the board looking for faulty measurements, but wasn't sure where to start.
Image of board

I've left the TV unplugged at night, tried discharging it completely, but no luck.

Funnily enough after having it "boot looping" beside me all day (about 14 hours) it just exited it's endless cycle and turned on normally, just as I'm writing this up.
Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance!
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