Question Sennheiser HDR 175 weird sound cuts

Nov 14, 2020
Hey guys.
I've got a problem with my wireless Sennheiser headphones. I've been trying to find answers for a while now with no luck.
The sound is cutting out for a split second. Like if I'm losing signal by being too far from the transmitter. And it's so random and inconsistent I can't figure it out. Sometimes it will happen 5 times in 10 minutes sometimes 9 times in 10 seconds. But the weirdest part is that it can happen days or even weeks apart. It's been going on and off for 10 months. Most of the time it's okay but sometimes it's driving me crazy.
The transmitter is connected with an optical cable to the splitter which is connected to the PC, PS4 Pro, and Xbox Series X. It happens on all of them. I tried a different cable and connecting each device directly to check if it's the splitter. No luck.
I thought about signal interference but that would be more consistent I think. Did you guys came across anything like that before?

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