Question Sennheiser PC8 - distortion when recording

Aug 1, 2019
I recently purchased these for recording voice over powerpoint in a video program (Panopto) for uploading to an online course. When the recording is longer than a few minutes, the voice recording becomes distorted - buzzing, "robot" voice - that gets worse the longer the recording. The first few minutes are fine, but the rest is garbage. I'm connecting to my MacMini via USB (I've tried both the keyboard USB and the ports on the back of the computer). I'm not using any extensions, just the headset itself. I have another pair of these at work for similar purpose, and do not have this issue.

Any suggestions? I'm hoping these are not just duds, as I don't have the packaging any more so cannot return them.
Since USB headphones contain DACs and amps it is possible that the electronics in the headphones have a problem when they warm up. Just to be sure try the work headphones at home if you can.
Not having the packaging may not be a problem. Contact the seller or Sennheiser directly.
Aug 1, 2019
I've now tried the other pair of headphones/mic - same thing happens: after ~3 minutes, the recorded sound has a staticky-buzz that gets worse the longer the recording. So it's not the headphones.

I don't have this issue with voice recording to the computer when I use my Apple ear buds w. mic, but the sound quality isn't as good.

I'm writing this off as the age of my computer (late 2012).

Thanks, forum, for your input.
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