Question Sennhizer game zero - Surround Sound

Apr 10, 2020
I have for 2 years now had my Sennhizer game zero and I have always had problems with surround sound.

When i play games such as Arma 3, csgo, Cod Warzone i have a hard time hearing people who are coming from behind - but when they are in front of me I can instantly hear their steps and so on...

The problem is the further behind the sound is from me the lower the sound gets - I have activated 7.1 ( ) but it's still low - i have adjusted the sound ( ) and it still doesnt work.
I have read through some threads on the site that you only want Audio-configuration or mono sound in windows activated - not both - but it still doesnt work - and I have now reached a point where I dont know how to fix it in any way.

Does anyone have the same problem and have found a solution?

Thank you
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