Separating Monitors and Speaker Systems

Mar 13, 2018
I have a Display Port out of my computer going into my monitor and I'm using a speaker system with my desk setup. I also have an HDMI cable coming out of my computer into a TV that I want to use a different audio source with. The TV is currently trying to come out of my speaker system for my desktop, running through the HDMI, even though it has a digital out going into a soundbar/sub. I'm sure there's an easy fix I just can't seem to find it. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.



ok so it sounds like your default playback device is the HDMI/TV and you want it to be your speakers - so right-click on your speaker icon, select "playback devices" then look at your available devices - find your TV, right-click on it and set to "disabled". Find your speakers and right-click and select "set as default device".

Should be good to go after that!
Mar 13, 2018

So unless I'm mistaken, that didn't work, and I think that's because my wording was confusing so I'll try to reiterate. I have two cables coming out my computer going to each respective monitor/TV. They each have their own speaker systems plugged in, but my TV is trying to come out of my other system, which is my desktop speaker system, because it's trying to follow my HDMI back to the computer.
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