Question Serious GPU underperformance problems on Lenovo Laptop

Dec 17, 2022
Ok, here is the total synopsis ladies and gents

My laptop has been eating any game I throw at it for breakfast for years but yet all of a sudden, I woke up earlier this week and The performance is absurdly bad.
And by bad performance, I don't mean a drop of 5-10FPS, (I'm talkin a RTX2060 getting 15FPS on character customization in Halo Reach sort of bad performance)

It's the sort of drop in performance that Is so bad, there is definitely something seriously wrong with the PC.

I have tried messing with the BIOS (a singular setting that refreshes the battery)
I have changed Nvidia Game ready drivers multiple times
I have done disk Defragment, Disk Clean up
I have cleaned up and left over 70GB empty on my windows drive
I have restarted
I just paid a $122 flippin repair fee earlier today which got it professionally cleaned and had the thermal paste re-applied.

Not, A, Single, Thing, Has, Helped....

(One exception - for some reason when I took the back cover off of my laptop and put the thing on its side, it ran perfectly for like 40mins, then went right back to terrible)
(so is it heat issues? well it sounds like it could be, but it makes no damn sense because the GPU temp has NEVER gone above 53 Celsius).

I'm idling with discord and Microsoft edge open and I'm at 45 Celcius on the GPU.
The second I bring it under any amount of load. it's as if I'm running on hardware from 2007.

My FPS is so bad I cannot even use my laptop as a workstation.

Specs :

Lenovo Legion i5 (from I think 2018)
Ram 16GB - 2933MHz

(all Games and downloaded software running off of a Samsung 980 PRO M.2 SSD)

My laptop should not be this bad. What should I do?

PS - Just talked to someone on discord last night that discovered my GPU is locking at a max Core Clock Speed of 300MHz
MSI Afterburner seems unable to move the clock speed in any direction.

I am almost certain now that something is forcing my GPU to a Core Clock Speed of 300MHz and is overwriting any attempt to change it.

Info Pictures ↓

User benchmark test taken while the PC was at idle (except for the Benchmark simulation of course).
You can see how there is a very obvious GPU bottleneck

Full link to the UserBenchmarkTest -

All HWINFO64 pictures taken within the 10-20 second timeframe my computer froze after I forced my game to reload all of its textures to a different resolution.
(This was done deliberately so that I can be sure I bring my laptop under heavy load to take accurate screenshots of the hardware in use).

This picture of MSI Afterburner was taken this morning while the PC was at idle.
(Doesn't matter what I do, GPU core clock doesn't budge from 300MHZ)

Please Help!
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