Solved! Setting laptop on Samsung TV as speaker

Nov 28, 2018
Hi guys,

My Samsung TV does not have any 3.5mm jack input, therefore I am not able to plug in my speakers. I want to ask if there is any possibility to connect my laptop through HDMI as ARC and set it as a speaker? When I tried it and turned the sound through ARC there was no sound, neither the laptop was doing anything.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot in advance.
First off, TVs have no 3.5mm INPUT, never, they may have 3.5mm OUTPUT.

So I really don't know what you want. Play a TV program on laptop's speakers (that's weird). Play a laptop video and have everything comes out on TV? Via HDMI does everything. Laptop has no HDMI? OOOPS. Play laptop audio-only on TV speakers? HDMI may or may not work. TV wants video/audio information. TV may have analog input (RCA jacks), often referred in manual as AV input, again wo video I don't know if TV will take audio only.
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