Setting up a 5.1ch surround sound


Jul 15, 2015
So I bought a set of Samsung 5.1ch surround sound speakers 2nd hand for cheap. But what I didn't realize at the time was they didn't come with the Blu-ray player that they connect to. The whole lot comes as one unit when bought new.
Am I able to buy any 5.1ch compatible DVD player and connect the speakers effectively? Even if it means changing the connectors on the wiring to fit the other player.
The model number for the whole unit is: HT-H4550R

The type of unit you would need is not just a BD player but has the amplifiers and processing in it too. These are usually sold with speakers only. Since the electronics part is much more likely to break than the speakers it will be difficult to find a used one. You can't use a stand alone surround sound receiver unless you can find one that has the amplifier for the subwoofer built in which is very rare.
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