Question Sharp Aquos Blank Screen

Jul 4, 2020
Hello, I have just purchased a secondhand Sharp Aquos LC-50CFE5101K, which was working fine. I thought I would upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

Copied the firmware bin file to a USB key which I downloaded from the Sharp website for this model of TV. Inserted the USB key and it prompted me if I wanted to upgrade the firmware which I did.

But the TV then went blank, I left it for 30 minutes without any change. I then powered off the TV, but now when switching on I get a blank screen and a flashing red / white status led.

I have emailed Sharp technical support, but does anyone know if there is a way to recover the TV without swapping out the main logic board?

** Update - I have just tried a FAT16 USB key with the latest firmware, but nothing.


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