Question Sharp Aquos lc-60 red waves

Dec 20, 2020
I have Sharp Aquos LC-60E79U has red waves on screen. My buddy gave it to me said it just randomly shuts off. 3 things that may have caused the issue. I am not surewhat the issue is but hoping to figure it out. I believe it is the video output board. All inputs have the same issue.
1. I tore tv apart to check caps and soldering joints. Found no issues related to power shutting off. The cable from the video card was kind of not connecting very well, is how I felt when connecting it back up.

2. Buddy I got it from had it in his garage where it was possibly just below the 30F.

3. My boys knocked it over on the floor and may have jarred something or broke something.

I am not sure how to post pictures
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