Question Sharp Aquos LC-70LE660U TV won't turn on. No standby light

Jun 16, 2020
I'm looking for some TV repair assistance. My Sharp Aquos LC-70LE660U won't turn on. The standby light will also not turn on. None of the capacitors seem to be bulging and I don't see any visual damage on the power supply or main board.

Prior to the TV failing, we had a power outage during a storm, so it's very possible that there was some damage to the TV at that time.

I am pretty handy and know the basics of soldering and using a multimeter, so if there's something I can do myself to repair this, I would like to; especially since I can't seem to find a Main Board for my model that's in stock and under $100. I have the voltage stats for several of the connections, but I just don't know enough about TV repair to know what the voltage means. Please see the images below. The first shows the full board, and the second shows the voltage reading I received at each pin.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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