Question Sharp Aquos LC_60LE650U turned off and wont come back on

Jan 4, 2021
I was watching the TV using a Roku Streaming Stick+. The roku remote is not paired to this sharp TV, it is paired to another TV. I've been using the roku on this sharp TV for about a week with no problems, hooked up through one of the TV's HDMI ports. Today I hit the left arrow on the roku remote to navigate to a different streaming app and the TV turned off. It will not turn back on. There are no lights on the front of the TV that light up or blink or do anything--the power light has been off since the TV turned off a few hours ago. This TV does not have a status light.

I already pulled the back panel off the TV to start testing the power board. The board tests with 120V in at the power supply. The only cylindrical ceramic fuse on the board, near the power supply, passes a continuity test so the fuse appears to be intact and not blown. Watching a video on YouTube showed someone testing voltage at the connector on the power board that connects to the main board, a white plastic connector labeled "PD". In his video it showed that there should be ~5V when testing pin 15 on that connector. I got 0V testing there, but not sure if I had a proper ground--he appeared to just have the probe of a multimeter clipped to corner of the board (where it would screw to the TV, with his board removed from the TV). My board is still in the TV, I tried clipping a lead to the screw which appears to make connection to the board, as well as just touching the metal around the screw.

I have tried unplugging the TV and waiting. I have tried using the remote instead of the control buttons on the TV itself. I have tried the resets using the volume/input/channel buttons with no results. Any suggestions for fixes or troubleshooting, other places to check and test power or continuity would be appreciated. Thanks.
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