Question SHARP LC-65Q7300U flashes on for 1 sec and off for 10 seconds rinse and repeat

Jan 21, 2021
I was given a SHARP LC-65Q7300U, Its flashing the screen 10 sec off 1 sec on with the SHARP-ROKU Logo. It has all the symptoms of Bad LEDs So that was the first thing I checked. I have an LED tester and all LEDs have a 3.1 volt draw and all LEDs on all strips lit up. I was surprised. I thought for sure it was LED problem. So I moved on to the power board. I have checked all the voltages on the power board and they all seem to be correct. STB voltage is only 3.2 but should be suffice. The last thing I tried is trying to re flow the Processor with my hot air station. No luck. OH yea, and I have 130 volts at both sets of strips. So i am convinced its not the power board. I would still bet its LED Failure , but all of mine light. I have read that this particular set was a 2018 0r 19 black Friday Walmart deal and this is a chronic issue with these sets. People have said that replacing the boards has not fixed the problem. One person said he an LED strip fail and replaced it and fixed it. Can LEDs light and still be bad? what about firmware? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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