Question Sharp tv wont come on

Dec 28, 2020
I actually use websites like this all the time for information when something has got me stumped.

But this will be the very 1st time of me actually posting something myself that I am in dire need of help with!!!!
So I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing this correctly but here goes.... I have a Sharp brand TV and the MODEL # IS ( LC - 42LB261U ).

So, every time that I try to power on this television, I am assuming btw that it is an indcator light of some sort , it is located on the lower left hand side at the bottom of the T.V. and it will FLASH a RED LIGHT at least 7 - 8 times when I push the power button on the television and then after the red flashes the light will always turn to a BLUE color, but the T.V. screen does not come on and there is no sound that I can hear being emitted from this television.

Does anyone by chance know what in fact the issue could possibly be the issue with my Sharp T.V. ?
If so, would anyone by chance also know how to fix this problem or where I could locate the answers that I am looking for? Or what maybe the root cause of this problem. If so please let me know as soon as possible it doesn't matter to me if it is daytime or if it is in the middle of the night any thought on this matter would help me out tremendously at this point. I have exhausted everything to the extent of my knowledge on this and I am now at a complete loss at this point. So, if you can help or would like to help I would greatly appreciate it Thank You for your time and for readingthis!!!
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