Should I buy a $300 Macbook or a cheap Windows laptop?


Jun 17, 2013
Hi, im am interested in buying a new notebook for school. All I will be doing is using Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Steaming HD videos via hulu netflix and youtube,browsing the web, and using applications like google earth and all of my school work. Their are 5 Macbooks I am looking at, 2 are the black 2006 Macbooks:

Another one is a 2008 black macbook:

And the other one is a 2007 Macbook:

The last one is another 2008 macbook:

Which of these will complete my tasks without any slowdown, I do not want slowdown at all? I would like to upgrade the ram, which of these lets me do that? Which will let me do all of my tasks for at least 3 years,It will be used for at least 4 hours everyday? So Which is the best option? and can you link me to some ram that i can use to upgrade these machines? Or should I go the windows route for a cheap computer? I want a mac so i dont deal with viruses and freezes and crashes. Please help me I need a computer very quickly!!! Thanks

Someone Somewhere

When you consider that those are going to be ssllooww, they will freeze a lot. And viruses are largely a matter of being sensible and not clicking on ads promising to give you free stuff.

And if you're doing stuff with Earth, that does like a decent GPU. Which those don't have. And streaming videos may be interesting.

Spend a little more and get something recent with a Trinity chip or Ivy i3.
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