Should I buy a new laptop pr a new internal hard disk?

Pwnage Br

Jun 29, 2016
So my laptop is good, runs games smoothly, but the problem is that about a week ago, it suddenly started to fail: It takes about 20 minutes to start, it randonly freezes, it takes about 10 minutes to open a single empty notepad, 20 minutes to open a program and I cannot open any browser, it just doesnt do anything, I tried all browsers. When I make a single thing like moving my mouse it freezes, windows installer is corrupted, so basically I cannot download any .msi file, just .exe (like 70% of all games, programs or installers are .msi) and windows explorer is corrupted too (I cannot open it)

So basically my laptop is not working, I called a speciallist and he said it has something to do with windows 8 (I do not remember exactly) and that my hard drive is * up.

Should I buy a new hard disk or a new laptop even if it means I lose everything?

Thanks and sorry for the bad english