Should I buy audio interface for studio headphones?


Mar 26, 2017
They said studio monitors or headphones is required for home recording so I'm planning to buy ATH m30x. I've read that plugging studio headphones makes it more sound amazing and help you mix/master well so my question is do I really need to buy audio interface or it's okay to just plug the m30x in my pc or laptop?

I use a atr 2500 usb mic btw


Mar 27, 2009
For starters, you never rely on a headphone mix alone. But you will need to have a pair. I have a set of sennheiser phones sent by my college when i applied for classes, The HD 280 pro. They run around 80-90 usd and have an amazing response curve. Its studio monitor FLAT. I was surprised with the specs, actually. Home recording and mixing and mastering, is a fairly huge learning curve, but you will need several sets of listening devices, from car audio, to a bookshelf speaker, to studio monitors, as your finances permit. Mackie makes a great low end monitor for 119 a speaker, I think the newer model is more, but if you can find the MR 5mk3, you could save a little cash. My film scoring mentor strongly recommended these, Bill evans son, evan evans.,
Lastly, your pc soundcard isnt equipped to deal with recording situations, especially with huge sound libraries, you will need an interface to deal with the DSP AND , have the clarity of audio for mixing, as well as several other reasons to have an interface. Since youre a beginner, an m box mini would do the trick, plus you get protools express with it, its limited versus the full version , but its still useful for smaller projects.
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