Should i place my laptop on a table or a bed? :U

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Jan 27, 2016
So I just got this in my mind, is there any difference in placing a laptop on a table or a bed? Except for the fact that it also blocks the laptop's air vents (or the thing that sucks in the air, I forgot) in either way? xD

People say to always place a laptop on a table, but that just blocks the air passage and heats up the laptop, same with the bed, I donut understand xD

Anyways, I can't get a cooling pad right naw coz I don't think they sell It in the Philippines and I also don't know the average price for it coz there's so much random price tags .-.

Welp, if you guys could answer this weird question of mine then it'd be great xD


Jan 30, 2014
Laptop cooling systems are designed for use on a hard surface, like a table. That way they can draw cool air in without any obstruction.
You're quite correct in saying that using it on the bed will block the airflow, so rather don't, or place it on something hard if you have to.


Dec 23, 2015

You can place your laptop in the table, rather in a soft surface like a bed, but if you want to work in your bed, place it in your lap, so that the laptop exhaust fan can perform to normal the heat inside. Laptop exhaust fan design to work only once the thermal sense an overheat inside of the laptop or it will work once booting OS or opening a program. About the cooling pad , if there are no available in your area, you can buy it here:
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