Solved! Should I repaste?

Jul 13, 2019
So I've had my laptop asus vivobook s14 I3-7100U, mx-150, 12GB DDR4 2100mhz RAM, 1TB HDD. I had a picture from when I played CS:GO[1 year ago] and reached a consistent 120fps having all graphics stuff set to low, now I'm having a hard time reaching that same FPS and worst of all my frames drop significantly. The temperature I'm having was 85C on CPU and 81-82C on my GPU. Will there be a chance that I could improve it, such that I wouldn't have significant frame drops? Even capping the FPS to 40fps I'm still having drops. Does repasting it, say with mx-4 reduce/eliminate the frame drops? Or can I replace the fan to have a higher speed? I've already cleaned the insides and found dust on the fan, but even having it cleaned doesn't eliminate my issues. Will notebook cooler helps? If so by how much in terms of my issues?
1st check if the cooler is full of dust or not.

2nd use DDU uninstaller and reinstall the drivers directly from ASUS, even if these are old ones

3rd update the BIOS of the laptop if available

to have a look what could be the problem:
run and post the link of your result

last one: if this didn´t help, repaste