Question Shutting down my laptop mid use and My game is choppy

Jan 25, 2021
My laptop is MSI GL63 8SE 8gb ram 2070 rtx
So i was downloading some videos and i had my vpn turned on, after i was waiting for a time for them to finish download i got sleepy and continue to turn it off by pressing start button not the physical one. and after like 4-5 hour i turned it on again and play cod warzone. when i entered the game the loading start off with connection error which i have not experienced in like 5-7 months and after that the menu was choppy and freezing the more i click or press other button in game. after that i get into a match really choppy and laggy and the rest of the game was choppy and laggy. after 5 minutes of that i just alt f4 the game. after that i tried to check if my graphic card needs updating, and apparently it is up to date. then i start the game again but this time it doesn't ask me if i want to start the game in safe mode because usually if i alt f4 when playing cod warzone it always said to start in safe mode, and after loading and get to the game its still choppy (in this state i have tried windowless or bordered but resulting the fullscreen to be better but still very choppy, i also tried reinstalling the game and verifying game files. and the game is still choppy and laggy) the thing is this problems came long ago when my ssd was faulty and broken but now its fix and new and now it appears again. so after that i tried checking if my ssd is faulty or broken and turns out its not. so if anyone have any fixes it will be very helpful.

(i have also install the new windows update and turning on and off the windows game mode before trying the game)
(note this also happen to other games ;borderlands 3, rainbow six siege,)
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