Signeo Takes On Monster with Ludacris Earphones

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For what they're likely to wind up charging, I hope they come with a free eighth of chronic. XD


Sep 15, 2009
Honestly, these headphones will never be as good as ones where you DONT pay for the endoresement.

I had a run in with those Dr.Beatz headphones at bestbuy. I tried them on and listened to couple of songs on the sample station. Well I had not looked at the price of them, and before i did I took a stab at guessing it. I looked at the headphones and decided the plastic was cheap, the overall construction did not give them impression of durability, and the drivers/speakers themselves sounded like some idiot put a subwoofer in each ear without any attention paid to the ACTUAL MUSIC. I guessed 30-55 bucks. I was shocked to see a 200+ tag on them.

If they are endorsed by a rapper, there will be bass. And hey, more bass.

Who needs mids and highs in the music these days? Certainly not me, the listener.....

/end sarcasm.


Apr 22, 2010
Another hyped set of cans with no specs from the manufacturer. The endorsement deal was most likely done first before the headphones were designed.


Aug 5, 2009
hay can we get a captcha, or at the very least a filter to send messages with a url to a moderator to approve?

i was loling at first, but its not funny anymore


May 17, 2009
Rap does not automatically mean bass. That is completely false. Sure rap music's core instrument is percussion but these days rap music or hip hop music has become much more musical that it used to be. They are starting to blend of number of different musical styles now.

As far as these endorsement brands, not worth the money when you can get a nice pair of AKG's, Sennheisers, or Beyerdynamic headphones for around that price that will blow the doors off them and that is just to name a few.


Spent hours on this decision and for the money the Sennheisers were the best performers and great prices.
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