Question SIM card slot and Wi-Fi issue?

Jun 6, 2023
My phone (basically a Poco F2 Pro with small improvements and Chinese version) of 2.5 years suddenly couldn't detect my nanoSIM card and the Wi-Fi chip seems to be not working too (Wi-Fi could not be turned on, on the phone).No recent drops/contact with liquid. No recent apps were downloaded, last thing I updated was probably a mobile game (Dream League Soccer 2023)Phone info: 8GB RAM, 256GB version. Android version 12 (last security update on 1st Apr 2023), MI-UI version 14.0.4Stable/ Google Play store has been crashing for a few weeks after I go into the Play store and click on the search bar or my apps/updates. Everything else works fine.


  1. Rebooted it a couple of times normally, same issues.
  2. Rebooted into safe mode to check if it's a malware/virus that hindered normal usage, same issues.
  3. Took out nanoSIM to wipe/light clean, and tried the other nanoSIM slot, to no avail.
  4. Took out nanoSIM and used it on another phone, and it works fine there, so it isn't a nanoSIM card/service provider issue.
  5. Went to device's settings -> "Reset WLAN, mobile networks, and Bluetooth" -> "Reset Settings", didn't work.
  6. Toggled on/off airplane mode, power-saving mode, didn't work.
  7. Double-checked that Wi-Fi is working for all other devices and all my bills were paid.
  8. I have Malwarebytes on my phone and did an "on-demand scan"(offline), nothing was found but usually this takes 20-50 minutes, this time it took under 3 minutes and my last scan was a month ago. While scanning, there's a pop up that reads "An error occured on malwarebytes, close this app now?", which is a first. (It will continue scanning if I click "cancel" to closing the app or just ignore the pop-up).

  1. Are my SIM slot and Wi-Fi chip the definitive faulty components or in what ways could I further troubleshoot to rule out malware/virus as the true culprits?
  2. If it's a faulty Wi-Fi chip and SIM slot, would it be advisable to replace them by myself with the help of Youtube videos and replacement components purchased online?
Thanks in advance!