Simple Subwoofer Input Question?

Apr 2, 2018
Hi guys,
I have a Subwoofer that has speaker level ins and outs, and a sub in.
I plan to connect my Bluetooth compatible speakers to the subs.
However, in attempt to use my phone as an Input for media and complete the rig without an avr, my question is would it be possible if I connect the speakers to the subs INPUT instead of output, then connect my phone to the speakers via Bluetooth and have the speakers and sub play together.
My hope is that the speakers will output the sound from Bluetooth and also output the low frequencies for the sub to output. I know this is not conventional.
Also, If this is not possible, would it be at all possible to connect my phone via cable to the sub in connection? This might be a dumb question, I know.
Not sure you can get this working at all. The speaker level inputs on the sub are useless in this case.
It depends on whether the bluetooth speakers are a pair with one bluetooth receiver or multiple single bluetooth speakers. You can't pair with more than two bluetooth "receivers" unless they are JBL speakers that work with their Connect+ app. Your phone will only pair with one "speaker".
Do the speakers have aux wired inputs?
You could split the headphone out of the phone and connect both the sub input and aux inputs on the speakers that way. I doubt you could use the headphone out for the sub in and use the built in bluetooth in the phone at the same time.
You could connect a bluetooth transmitter that can pair with two devices to the headphone out of the phone. Connect a bluetooth receiver to the sub in. Pair both that receiver and the speaker to the transmitter. Might be delay issues with this set up.
Even using the AVR you would have problems getting the bluetooth speakers to work with the sub.
This gear isn't meant to work together..
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