Single HDMI cable box output to hdmi splitter to one hdmi tv and one hdmi-to-coax-adapter, whats the best way?

Aug 16, 2018
So I have a new 4K cable box that doesn't support coax like my old one.

Up until I got the new cable box, I had 2 tvs hooked up to the same old cable box, one with hdmi and the other with a coax cable that runs through walls and into the kitchen from the living room. This way both tv's showed the same output picture. Now the tv in the kitchen is not used alot, mostly just to watch the evening news so the picture quality is of very litle concern.
Now after I got the new cable box, this doesn't work as the new cable box doesnt have a coax output.

So essentially what im trying to figure out is whether I can split the one hdmi output on the new cable box, with one running hdmi straight to the 4K tv and the other running through an hdmi to coax adapter and then into the kitchen tv. The main reason I'm wondering about this method is because I would prefer to be able to use the existing coax cables running through the house and walls and to not have to change them out.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Would the picture quality on the 4K tv be diminished due to the HDMI splitter? If it does get diminished would it be because the cable box output reads the lower resolution output from the old kitchen tv and outputs that resolution to both or simply because an hdmi splitter reduces picture quality? and if the diminished picture quality is due to the lower resolution/hdmi-to-coax-adapter, would this only happen if the kitchen tv is turned on?
And lastly, would using an hdmi splitter to hdmi to coax adapter to the kitchen tv completely ruin the picture quality on the kitchen tv, as I dont mind it being diminished as long it doesnt go down to 360p.

Thanks all in advance
Aug 19, 2018
Hey there, depending on the cable box type it may actually support 4k output, but only a few sources provide it (like Netflix). If you have Xfininty or Bluesky TV it should have the ability to output 4k, but without knowing the make/model the best guess to solve your issue is: having an HDMI splitter box that splits the signal from your cable box which, one would go to your 4k TV, then joins to another HDMI that hooks up to an HDMI to Coaxial output converter box to your kitchen TV.
You will keep your quality to your main tv and the converter box will handle the rest!
I work for a Cable company. :)
Using a 1x2 HDMI distribution amp and HDMI over coax adapters will work.
If the kitchen TV isn't at least 720p it will degrade the picture quality of the 4k TV. Cable boxes won't output more than 720p or 1080i so if doesn't have to be 4k.
Get a adapters that also send IR over the coax so you can change channels from the kitchen.
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