Skylake Laptops Releases


Jul 8, 2013
Does anyone know if there will be any more 15" laptops released from either Dell, HP, Asus, Toshiba or Acer for this year or early next year which contain a skylake i7 cpu?


Be aware that in the mobile world you can have DUAL CORE CPU's from Intel that are i3, i5, and i7.

I think all i3's are dual-core.

Also FREQUENCY matters as an i7, quad-core with HT might be a lower max frequency than an i5-, quad-core without HT and get similar performance in some scenarios and worse at others.

For gaming, a good i3 with HT and reasonably high frequency paired with a great GPU is probably far better than a quad-core with weaker GPU.

Just FYI.


Jan 23, 2015
I don't think laptop i3s have HT, Unless that has changed.

Used to be:
I3 - 2 cores, low cache.
I5 - 2 cores, medium cache, hyper threading. 4 core laptop i5s are new, and much needed.
I7 - HQ series were typically you're 4 core hyperthreaded chips with higher TDP. Other i7 chips can be dual core, more cache, with a higher clock speed than a comparable i5. Personally I think they should have just called it something else.



LOTS of mobile processors are i3 with hyperthreading, and has been for many YEARS:

i3-350M is 2C/4T
i3-4000M is 2C/4T
i3-6100H is 2C/4T

There's something like EIGHTEEN haswell i3's for mobile with HT alone. Didn't go looking before Westmere since I believe the point is made?

I thought i3 with HT was the highest selling Intel mobile CPU for years?

I agree it's odd. Perhaps it makes sense to Intel but coming from DESKTOP lots of people assume the i5 has four cores and the i7 has four with HT.

Personally, I'd say something like:

For example the "2" means the number of physical cores, the next "2" is the thread count (so "i24" would mean dual-core with HT enabled). Then the "7" is the generation and perhaps the "9" relative performance etc.


Mobile Core i3 CPUs are similar to desktop Core i3 CPUs since both are dual core CPUs with hyper theading (HT). Therefore, they are pretty easy to understand.

It is the mobile Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs because there are dual core versions of them with HT. Mobile quad core i5 CPUs with no HT are a recent addition when Skylake generation CPUs were released. This is where there can be confusion.
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