News Sling TV’s new app is making channel-surfing easier than ever

Oct 26, 2021
This one looks like it was posted by someone in the PR department at Sling.
And it's absolutely wrong. This latest "upgrade" has traded flash for functionality and made it painful to use. It seems to be quite a bit slower too, probably due to the flash itself.
Sling went from tolerable to worse. Since I upgraded to the new version late in October, I haven't had the chance to find a substitute but I will. Nov will be my last month on Sling unless they correct this blunder in the next 3 weeks.

BTW here's another thing that happening since the upgrade - only no sling - not on any of the other providers.
Tried to upload a photo of tv screen with error msg but it failed.
Problem is that when I start Sling first thing I get an error msg stating that there is no internet connection "Looks like there is a problem with your internet connection" Not True. It even shows this msg over the new Sling home page which I can still use to start a program ! After a while it goes away
Again - other providers do not have this problem, on Sling since the 'upgrade'