News Sling TV price hike is bad news for cord-cutters


Apr 26, 2017
The problem with Sling is their weird split so if you want to watch sports , you need both as they split up Fox, ABC/ESPN, NBC and Turner ... so outside of no CBS, you need to buy both packages but what's worse is their idiotic grid because of duplicate channels on the 2 packages, a bunch of channels are listed TWICE for no reason and there a "blank" slot that actually reads SLING BLUE STARTS BELOW that you have to toggle past ... unless you only want a small package of channels and choose just one, Sling is pretty annoying, it'd be one thing if it was $25/$50 a month as it was about 20 months ago but at $80 a month, it's too annoying.

But at the end of the day, it's still 30-50% the price of cable and of course, with cable you're paying for the THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL Classic.
Nov 14, 2022
True, plus the other thing is to get many channels included on others like you tubetv,hulutv etc, you have to buy the add ons. We pay $21extra I think in order to get tcm, tvland,hallmark and expanded dvr, I only have blue, so with taxes now the bill is $66 which is pretty near to the others. I truly wish they would expand their colors to have one without any sports at all. Some of us dont need or want them. Much rather have only about 20 channels including tcm, hallmark, tvland, bravo, hgtv, etc for $40, than the 2 colors they offer.