Question Slow laptop runs faster after sleep mode


Feb 11, 2014
I have recently started using an older laptop of mine. This laptop had been unused and in storage for the past three years. It was working fine before as far as I remember.
The Laptop is a HP OMEN 15-5010 running Windows 10, the specs are listed here:
Ever since I've been using it again performance has been poor. It chugs during both resource intensive things such as running games and low intensity stuff like web browsing. It's slow even when task manager shows CPU/Memory/GPU are no where near maxed out.

After reinstalling windows to no effect, I was about to give up, but then I noticed something interesting: After closing the screen, the computer runs great for a short amount of time.
After coming out of sleep mode, either by closing the screen or by Start > Power > Sleep, the computer runs like it used to for about 60 seconds. It then suddenly returns to running slow. I have been using the game Terraria to test this, because it is very easy to see when the game goes from running fine to unplayably slow.

Some observations:
  • Even quickly cycling in and out of sleep mode triggers this. This can be repeated multiple times to the same effect.
  • Watching performance on task manager shows no change in CPU speed or memory usage
  • Fan speed does appear to change when it goes from fast to slow.
  • It does not matter whether the laptop is running on battery or plugged into it's AC adapter.
I want to think it's some sort of power problem. I lost the original AC adapter, and have been using a 150 watt 7.7A HP charger I found. I do not know the output of the one that came with it. The laptop however has not complained, charges fine under load, and once again the problem persists regardless of whether or not it is running off battery.

I've been baffled by this for the past few days, unfortunately searches have only returned people asking about the opposite problem (computer slow after sleep mode).
I'd appreciate any help or ideas on how to troubleshoot this.
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