Slow scripts are annoying me


Sep 6, 2010
In recent weeks, I have suffered a tsunami of slow running scrips (on Firefox) that freeze my Internet session. Stopping the scripts only freezes things tighter. I wind up going to the Task Manager to kill the session. What is going on? Is my experience unusual?


Jul 24, 2006
Whether it is unusual depends on the sites you tend to visit. There are some atrocious examples of poor programming practice out there that can grind your browser to a halt with ease. It's possible you are running into a browser-specific bug but I'd be more inclined to blame the sites. No script should run long enough to force the browser to display the script kill dialog.


Agree with randomizer.

And not at all unusual. Bad programming practices for sure but (even if not) there are other problems.

I have noticed that some sites seem to be dedicated to "serving" me with more and more ads and pop-ups. Versus presenting any good, meaningful, and useful content. Even sites that I regularily visit and read - or at least used to visit.....

A couple of the sites have become almost useless. Especially those that attempt to use slideshows without really thinking about the reader and why the site/webpage is being visited. I gave up paper magazines because of all the garbage ads and filler post card type junk. Seeing the equivalent of that online now. Getting worse. And commenting on all the clickbait, psuedo-review advertisements could become a real rant.

I have started to use the "Contact Us" links to send kindly worded complaints - no one ever responds as can well be expected. However, if enough people do complain and site visits decline then that may get some attention.

Politely express your displeasure and go elsewhere whenever possible.

The really smart businesses/ companies are slowly learning that it is in their best interest to truly serve the customer. I.e., fix my problem before you try sell me something else. Do not tell me I cannot see the price until I put the item in my shopping cart - then throw in a bunch of "other people also bought" ads in the meantime. I leave the website as quickly as I can - sometimes seems to freeze then as often as not. Oh well.....

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