SM-T700 won't turn on or charge


Oct 10, 2016

I've not used my tablet in about 2 weeks and now it won't turn on or even charge. I've been googling for hours trying everything I can think of.

  • Holding the power button for 60 seconds.
    Holding power and volume down button for 60 seconds.
    Holding both volume up and volume down for 60 seconds.
    opening the back and re-seating both the battery cable and charging port cable.
    Multiple charging cables used from different outlets (I live with a lot of other Android users so have tried a wide range. can also confirm these work on my Mums Samsung tablet and my Samsung phone.)
Now I am completely out of ideas.

The tablet is a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 - SM-T700.

Is it possible that a battery can 'die' without first showing signs of degradation? - and if it had, would that cause the tablet to act completely dead? Surely it would look like its at least trying to charge - a red charge LED or something? I'm not sure. Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated.

I bought the tablet in September 2014.

Thank you
Sometimes if you let the battery get completely dead, 0% charge, it doesn't want to charge again. Also, it may need to sit on the charger, and turned off, for quite a while when this happens.

However, since you tried many of the button combinations, and it didn't work, you may want to try the following.

1. Try a different power cord. You, might also want to test your power cord on a different device.
2. Try hooking it up to a computer to see if it will charge from there, instead of an outlet.
3. If the cord is fine, and it still won't charge from a computer either, then you probably need a new battery.
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