Smart Home Integration Could Keep TiVo Alive

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Dropping the channel guide feed from $15 per month per DVR to one fee of $10 per month per household would help keep subscribers and likely add many more. I do like my Tivo and the integration with Netflix. I only keep it because pairing a DVR with three Roamio units is cheaper than renting DVR boxes from Comcast.

Eventually live streaming will kill off my use for a DVR. If it becomes price competitive. As it stands an internet only plan with unlimited data plus a live streaming service would cost more.

I could care less about the smart home stuff. It's all a bunch of fluff. To me a smart home is one that can clean all my floors, stairs, laundry and dishes, cook my meals, put away the groceries and mow the lawn. We're a long way from anything practical or does a good job. Turning lights on, adjusting the temperature or changing TV channels by voice is little more than a novelty.
Not open for further replies.
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