Question Smart home setup for AirBnb/ rentals


Mar 29, 2013
Hey all,

So I currently have a smart home via Apple Homekit. My lighting, heating, TV, Speakers are all smart and integrated into Siri/Home.

One thing I have always wondered, now more than ever as I am about to buy a home to AirBnb, is what is the best process to create a smart home for temporary guests.

Ive not used Alexa or Google much, so this might be a limitation in Apple Homekit, but would not be surprised if there is a simple switch on Google / Alexa, that allows you to 'lock' features. If that is the case, then I will consider that an answer and I will focus on integrating my new home with one of those rather than Apple.

So basically I am just wondering if anyone has any experience in this field and has knowledge to give. All I know, is if I was to hand over my Apple Home to someone now, it would be the most confusing thing in the world for them to use... sometimes impossible.

For example, my heating is registered to my email address. For them to use it properly, I would have to disassociate it from my email, let them log in and connect to their email. If they then leave and don't disconnect, id lose access completely. That would be slightly less trouble for long term rentals, but not feasible for short term guests.

Another example, is if a guest doesn't disconnect from the home, they could control it forever more.

Another example is, if my solution was to just leave an iPad behind for them to control things with, is that they could mess E V E R Y T H I N G up. They could delete or change anything.

That of course is just a couple examples, im sure there will be all sorts of similar problems with lights and everything else.

I imagine a world, where I set up the home, connect everything, set up scenes and automations and become the "Admin" of that home. No new products can be added to that home and nothing can be deleted by anyone but me. I can lock things like, "heating can't go above X". I also imagine I can optionally lock things like scenes etc so the guest can only use my automations / scenes rather than create new ones, allowing the guests to only have bare bones access - but of course, if I wanted to grant them that access I could. I think I would have to leave behind a connected iPad, all set up and ready to go and they wouldn't be able to connect their own phone. But even more amazing, would be that they could connect via their phone but I can remove them easily afterwards.

An alternative idea, could be that I set up the smart home and create a 'backup point' of sorts. The guest can do anything they like - but when I choose to, I hit reset and it returns to how ive set things up.

Does anything like this exist...? or are there other routes to take? I can't imagine its that uncommon for landlords to want to offer smart features