Smart TV + Sound Bar won't detect audio from PC via HDMI


Jun 22, 2010
Good day.

I have a problem with my Smart TV + Sound bar.

I am using a Samsung 6380G 55'' 4k Curved Smart TV and a Sony Sound bar CT80. They work perfectly well when using the TV with its apps such as netflix and so.

The problem lies when I connect my PC via HDMI (HDMI1/STB/DVI) port. This is the only port thats marked with a yellow sticker to indicate its the only port that support 4k. In doing so, the PC won't detect the sound bar.

When I click the speaker icon there should be a SAMSUNG TV option there but it disappeared. Yes, before it was there and working and I could freely switch between PC speakers, headphones and Soundbar when my pc is connected to my TV.

I am wondering could this be an update issue or patch from NVIDIA? When I fiddled with the settings of my PC audio I could see the SAMSUNG TV option there but its just grayed out.

This is driving me nuts because I've been using my pc audio when playing games and its just terrible since its almost 12 feet from where I sit and into the far right.

Please help, thank you.
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